Home Depot Distribution Center

This massive 1.6 million square foot state-of-the-art facility is being utilized to enhance Home Depots logistics presence in ecommerce market, distributing products sold online throughout the Midwest. This $130 million facility is the largest and most complicated facility in Home Depot’s supply chain.

The Problem

  • Lighting and automating 1.6 million square feet of space requires a great deal of electrical power with a complex distribution and control system. As with most commercial projects, the top priority for the customer is to utilize as much usable productive space as possible. This generally leaves very little space for electrical rooms and electrical equipment. This need for large amounts of power with such a small space requirement creates a large construction problem.
  • This large open warehouse space requires extremely long cable runs from device to device. In the electrical world, that translates into voltage drop which translates into increased wire size.
  • Home Depot also needed to light this huge facility but also find ways to do so efficiently and economically. There many ways to accomplish this, but the most economical and simple solution was required.

Our Custom Solution

  • Large power requirements with large switchboard, integrating ATS (hard-bussed) into switchboard into one continuous lineup spanning almost 60’! Multiple utility sources and backup generator sources
  • Voltage drop required much larger cabling than normal installation, upsizing up to 6 times normal requirements. Great Lakes Essential Power had to implement a 3rd party-lug solution to accommodate the cabling needs.
  • Helped design custom lighting control panel utilizing GE 460 series lighting contactors to create different zones and schedules. The lighting needs then changed very late in the construction when all lighting contactors were already installed. Had standard lighting contactors been utilized, the contractor would have had to replace ALL of the lighting contactors! The modularity of GE 460 series contactors allowed the contractor to make the changes with a simple tweak of a screwdriver! This saved thousands in material in labor.

Project Type

Commercial Construction

Project Location

City: Luckey
State: Ohio

Products Used

  • Prolec GE Padmount Transformers
  • GE Spectra Switchboards
  • GE Spectra Power Panels
  • GE Zenith Automatic Transfer Switches
  • GE A-Series Lighting Panels
  • GE Safety Switches
  • GE Dry-Type Transformers
  • GE Surge Protective Devices
  • GE Busway
  • GE Lighting Contactors
  • GE Multilin Power Quality Meters

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